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Our offering

ENERJIAis providing engineering services in the three main industry sectors which are Energy (mainly Oil & Gas), Water and Environment.

Enerjia is offering technical and management skills to its customers. The services are mainly provided as technical support at the client's site, in France and all around the world, ONSHORE or OFFSHORE.

Enerjia is committed to provide the means and resources necessary to deliver the projects in a professional way. Enerjia aims at building long-term partnerships with its customers.

Types of resources provided by Enerjia:

- Senior expertfotolia_3714339_m.jpg

- Project Directors, Managers, and supervisors

- Specialist or generalist engineers

- Junior profiles with high potential that can easily adapt to a given project.



Resources are Enerjia employees or recruited outside to fulfil the requirements of a particular project.

Enerjia is also a strong recruitment force for senior profiles, in France and internationally.

Furthermore, Enerjia is a strong relationship network, and can quickly bring freelances or independent specialists experts in their field. These are often representing Enerjia for the client.


Flux Rss

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