Job vacancies

Naval Project Manager

International - Nigeria
5 ans

Job description

  • Manage and coordinate vessel repair project activities ranging from attending to client enquiries, quotations preparation, securing of job orders, and project scope communication.
  • Actively participate in review of customers requirement before accepting to tender for quotation, and before project execution,
  • Prepare and submit quotation for review with management,
  • Validate quotation of Repair Back office (RBO) up to 50,000 USD.
  • With impute from repair manager and supervisors, establish project budgets estimate and set project expectation for repairs team,
  • Ensure project scope and specifications are clear and understood, before communication to repair manager and repair team,
  • Guide and give technical assistance to repair back office in preparing quotations for contracts,
  • Ensure effective working relationship and communication is maintained with clients during and after completion of projects,
  • Responsible for the implementation of quality, Safety, and security policies and procedures during project execution.

Required qualifications

  • Team Management
  • Cost Estimation
  • Scheduling Skills
  • Time management
  • Problem Solving and Analytic Skills